Southern Electric FAQ

Southern Electric FAQDiscover some of the most frequently asked questions that apply to Southern Electric, with their respective replies on how to deal with each situation effectively. The Southern Electric contact number is able to deal with all of these questions and more.

I would like to switch my electricity and gas supply to Southern Electric, how can I do this?

Your initial option is to call the company directly and discuss what the best package is for you. Applying to switch to another electricity supplier is a very simple process and best accomplished by talking to the friendly contact staff.

I’m moving house, how do I inform the relevant departments about this matter?

The best option is to contact Southern Electric as soon as you know you will move, and then once again after you have moved to inform them of the final metre reading, this is to ensure you will be accurately billed.

I think there may be some mistake in the amount I have to pay on my Southern Electric bill, what can I do?

This can sometimes occur if you happen to have an estimated metre reading instead of an actual one. If you think there is a mistake, the best option is to take note of your metre reading and then contact Southern Electric with your customer account number. An updated bill will then be issued with an accurate reading. If the bill is still more expensive than you expect, it may be due to alterations in the amount of energy used within the home, or that energy prices have recently increased. 

I think I’ve paid too much for my electricity bill, how can I go about getting a refund?

Write down the metre reading and then phone Southern Electric with this information to ensure the balance is correct or not. If a refund is due, it will be issued as a cheque or returned directly to the bank account for customers using direct debit. 

How can I set up a direct debit to pay my electricity bill?

It’s a very quick and easy process. All that is required is to have your bank account details ready and then contact Southern Electric by phone to set up a direct debit on the account. 

When I insert my electric key an error message appears on my pay as you go metre, what should I do?

The problem could be with either the metre or the token. Take a note of the error message that appears on your metre as this will be needed to identify what the actual problem is, then contact Southern Electric with this error code.